“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

— Alex Haley


Family is the strongest brand one can own. Each memory should be savoured, preserved and passed from one generation to the next.


If companies can have distinctive logos and brand strategies, why not families? — The organisation that we were born in, the organisation that is already established with a last name which will hopefully continue to exist for generations. Yes, we are talking about actual families, not businesses. Whether you are a newly married couple or a huge family with years of history, contact us.

Our creative family services include:

• Family Logo Creation
• Short Family Movies
• Ancestor Books
• Photo Albums
• Family Art Design
• Photo Wall Design & Install
• Newborn Announcements
• Anniversaries & Birthdays
• Family Website
• Wedding Website
• Memorial Tributes


Currently accepting clients for September 2019

Space is limited — First come, first served.


Your digital photos won't exist one day. Hardcopy albums will — always. 


We work with your existing content, whether it is thousands of photos in your phone, or some old pictures sitting in a dusty box in an attic.


Photos can last longer than people. Plan ahead for the next generations. Years ago, today's technology didn't exist. Years later, today's technology will not exist — There will be always something else, something new. The current digital photos might be obsolete, just like the compact cassettes, videotapes, disks and USBs. At some point, even today's cloud applications might be flown away by another technological wind.

At BOUNCYBIRD, we are a big believer of digital resources when it comes to businesses, but for families, we vote for hardcopy. The purpose is to make those beautiful memories stay safe and accessible for years to come. There are many digital applications and photo printing companies out there that try to help. However, no matter how easy to use these applications are, you still need the time to go through and make hundreds of decisions to select your content. Postponing your family photo project is only making it more difficult, as your content continues to build up almost every single day. We can help.

 It is our promise to turn your memories into a creative production which you and your family will enjoy and benefit from throughout many generations.


Currently accepting clients for September 2019

Space is limited — First come, first served.